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Baofu had twenty-six heirs. Not to be confused with Baofu Benquan. See Dogen's Chiji Shingi. Dharma-heir of Yaoshan Weiyan. See Sanbyakusoku case and Donshan yulu Dharma-heir of Huineng. See Dogen's Gyoji. Bimo Yan Pi-mo Yen , n. A devotee of Manjusri who lived on Wutai shan.

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He appears in Dogen's Sanbyakusoku Shobogenzo case See the teisho series Bodhidharma's Eyes October through December for an extensive consideration of the history, legends, and various koan associated with Bodhidharma. A master in the Yunmen Lineage. See Cooking Zen, Ven. Anzan Hoshin roshi, Great Matter Publications, His posthumous name was Yuanzhi Enchi. Also called Guishan Da'an. Not to be confused with Changqing Huileng. He appears in Dogen's Kajo, Gyoji.

A posthumous name was Chaojue. A Dharma-heir of Xuefeng Yicun, he himself had twenty-six Dharma-heirs. He appears in Blue Cliff Records 8, 22, 23, 74, 76, Chenzao Ch'en-ts'ao, Chinso , n. A civil official, ministry president. He studied with Muzhou Daoming, a Dharma-heir to Huangbo.

Thus he was a Dharma-brother to Yunmen. He appears in Blue Cliff Records 33 and Dongshan yulu Chengjin Ch'eng-chin, Seishin , 2nd Century. Governor of Nanyang during the reign of the later Han dynasty eleventh emperor. A Liang dynasty poet. Nicknamed "the boatman," he lived as a ferryman after the persecution of Buddhism in in seclusion at Huating on the bank of the Wu river near modern Shanghai. After transmitting the Dharma to Jiashan Shanhui, he overturned the boat and disappeared in the water.

See Dogen's Sansui kyo, Chiji Shingi. Total purity does not hide the body. A Dharma-heir of Nanquan Puyuan. He appears in Blue Cliff Records 17 and Not to be confused with Dongshan's Dharma-brother Shishuang Qingzhu. Ciming taught at Shishuang Mountain, the temple established by Shishuang Qingzhu.

He appears in Gateless Gate Yunju Daoying studied with him before he came to Dongshan Liangjie. Very little is recorded about this Teacher.

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His temple was located on Mt. Chungnan in Changan. What are you doing going around holding on to a wiping cloth? The Master took three steps back. Danxia yelled, "Wrong! Danxia said, "That's better but you're turning away from all those Buddhas.

A Dharma-heir of Baizhang. A posthumous title was Xingkong.

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Your deep cultivation of one inch is better than your preaching of ten inches. A Dharma-heir of Shitou Xiqian. Shanping Yizhong was his Dharma-heir. His Lineage died out after a few generations. Famous proponent of koan introspection and huado koan practice and critic of silent illumination meditation. Attempted to poularize Chan through simplifying the practice into concentrating on "Wu" Mu. In some writings Dogen used him as a symbol of misunderstandings of practice.

Koun Ejo and Tettsu Gikai and many other of Dogen's monastic community were originally members of the Daruma-shu. See Anzan Hoshin roshi's Vines Entwined. A disciple of the Sixth Ancestor who later cared for the Sixth Ancestor's memorial stupa and mummy.

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When a Korean monk tried to cut off and steal the head of the mummy was apprehended, Daixiao encouraged forgiveness and leniency by the authorities. See Dogen's Shuryo Shingi. Also known as Caoxi T'sao-chi, Sokei. He appears in Records of Serenity 13 and in Gateless Gate He taught at Pingmao shan, also known as Dongshan East Mountain and so his stream of the Lineage was known as the East Mountain stream of Chan while Daoxin's parallel transmission to Farong was called the Niutou or Oxhead stream. Later, the mountain was renamed Wuzu shan Fifth Ancestor Mountain.

See Denkoroku, Chapter He gave transmission to Hangzhou Tianlong. He practiced in hermitage on Damei-shan Great Plum Mountain in Ningbo for forty years before founding Husheng zi where he became the teacher of a monastic community of See Dogen's Gyoji, Shisho. He Transmitted a set of ninety-seven mandalas to Yangshan Huiji, co-founder of the Guiyang school.

Originally he was a student of Mazu who sent him to Shitou.

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After receiving Transmission from Shitou he returned to Mazu's monastery where he sat on the back of the Manjusri rupa in the Monk's Hall. Mazu said, "Son, you're a natural tianran. He established a monastery at Mount Danxia when he was A community of formed there. Four years later he announced he was going on pilgrimage.

He died while putting on his last sandal. He appears in Blue Cliff Records Case Apparently Danxia compiled a hundred case collection of koan together with verses but I don't know anything further about this. See Denkoroku Many dialogues between Daowu and Yunyan became koan. Gave Transmission to Shishuang Qingju.

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He appears in the Sayings and Doings of Dongshan Dongshan yulu 41, Ordained Xuansha Shibei. He also trained for a time with Dongshan Liangjie and Guishan Lingyou. The Forty-Third Ancestor. Caodong master who outlived his Dharma successors. He appears in Congrong Lu Serenity Records case He taught for thirty years at Mount Shuangfeng West Mountain where his Community numbered around His Teaching style emphasized not only zazen and the shingi but sutra study and recitation of the name of Amitabha Buddha.

The Second Chinese Ancestor.

The Gates Of Chan Buddhism — By Venerable Jing Hui

See Dogen's Katto, Gyoji. A Dharma-heir of Longtan Chongxin. He gave transmission to Yantou Quanho and Xuefeng Yicun. Famous for "Thirty blows if yes, thirty blows if no. He appears in the Sayings and Doings of Dongshan Dongshan yulu 37, 54, 56, Previously a lecturer on the Diamond Sutra, he burnt his books after being awakened to Chan by an old woman selling teacakes. See Dogen's Shinfukatoku. Sakyamuni Buddha's cousin, who after joining his order tried to become his rival and even tried to have the Buddha killed. He appears in Records of Serenity 5.

A contemporary of Mazu. He is mentioned in Blue Cliff Records case Gave Transmission to Fayan Wenyi. Xuansha is said to have passed to him Mikkyo Teachings and samaya who then passed these to Fayan.